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Pentek filters for water filtration



Filters Bags

BP, BPHE & BN Series

Duoline Filter bags

Carbon Filters

C Series Dual Purpose Powdered Carbon Cartridges

CBC Series Cartridges

CC Series Granular Activated Carbon Cartridge

CFBC Series Molded Block Cartridges

CFB Series Molded Block Cartridges

CFB-PB10 Lead Reduction Molded Block Cartridge

CFB-Plus Molded Block Cartridges

Chloramine Reduction Carbon Cartridges

CRE-1 Ceramic Cartridge

Coconut Carbon Cartridges

ELPC Series Electroplating Carbon Cartridges

EP Carbon Briquette Cartridges

EPM Carbon Briquette Cartridges

EPM-10C Carbon Briquette Cartridge

FloPlus Series Molded Carbon Block Cartridges

GAC Series Granular Activated Carbon Cartridges

OAC Oil Adsorbing Cartridges

Carbflex OAC Plus Cartridges

RFC Raial Flow Carbon Cartridges

TSGAC Activated Carbon Cartridges

Cartridge Filters

GD / GDA Cartridges

PCC Crytal Cartridges

PCF Mixed Bed Cartridges

PD Series Polydepth Cartridges

Polyval Cartridges

P Series Spun-Bonded Cartridges

RFFE20-BB Radial Flow Cartridges

Tradional In-Line Cartridges

Membrane Filters

Microguard Series Cartridges

Pleated Filters

ECP Series Pleated Cellulose Polyester Cartridges

NCP Series Non-Cellulose Carbon Pleated Cartridges

R Series Pleated Cartridges

S1 Series Pleated Cartridges

Ultra Filtration System

Freshpoint UltraFiltration System

Wound Filters

CW / WP Series Polypropylene Wound Cartridges

DGD Series Dual-Gradient Density Cartridges

Filter Housings

Standard Housings

3G standard

3G Slime Line

All Nature Housings

Bag Vessel Filter Housings

BFS / BBFS Basic Series

Big Blue & Big Clear Series

High Temperature Housings

RO Membrane housings

Slim Line Filter Housings

Strap Band Housings

ST Series Stainless Steel Housings

Water Systems

Quick Change Systems

Under-Sink Drinking Water Systems

UV Series Ultra Violet Systems

Valve In-Head Filter Housings

WS Series Water Softener Cartridge




 Overview Pentek Filters

Lenntech can also help you with similar filters or filtration systems for optimum water purification.
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