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CUNO Filtration

CUNO Filtration

The CUNO Filtration system is an advanced design that is used to deliver high flow filter in a compact housing design. Optimizing both performance and effluent quality to ensure customer satisfaction.
Advantages of CUNO filters:

  • High Flow Capability
  • Compact Design
  • Ease of Use

Product Overview

Different types of CUNO Filters:


  • Highly efficient particle removal,
  • High dirt-holding capacity thus reducing filtration costs,
  • Ability to withstand high differential pressures (Delta P), hard structure not subject to collapse failure,
  • Support core eliminated resulting in greater compatibility,
  • Reproductible filtration characteristics,
  • Customized shapes and sizes available upon request.


  • Potable water,
  • Process water,
  • Pharmaceuticals, cosmetics & food products,
  • Inks & dyes,
  • Plastics,
  • Organic solvents (alcohols, ketones, ethers…) and hydrocarbons,
  • Paint, varnishes, solvent recovery.
  • Micro-Screen and Super Micro- Screen: Cleanable metallic Filter Elements.

Standard Cartridges

Extra Large Micro-Screen 11911 Cartridges


  • Filtration of fuel products,
  • Removal and recovery of catalysts,
  • Filtration of pharmaceuticals, cosmetic s and food products,
  • Gel retention,
  • Gas purification,
  • Hydraulic system filters.

Extra Large Micro-Screen Cartridges:

  • Filtration takes place from the outside-in,
  • Designed for specific CUNO filter housing,
  • Equipped with pleated cloth and thus combine large filtering area with small external dimension,
  • Available with or without a removable outer guard to enable backflushing.

Micro- Screen Baskets:

  • Filtration takes place from inside-to-out,
  • Recommended for recovery of retentates,
  • Available in both smooth and pleated version.


  • High temperature capability,
  • Rigid self-supporting structure will not deform or bypass,
  • No media irrigation, will not release fibers into process stream,
  • Consistent filtration characteristics allow for uniform process results,
  • Broad chemical compatibility allows use with variety of fluids.


  • Resin, varnish, glue,
  • High purity water,
  • Chemical processing,
  • Paint, ink and coating.


  • High flow Capability: permits flow rates up to 500gpm in a single cartridge,
  • Compact design: combined with an outside-to-in flow path enables a reduction in the size of housing required for your application,
  • Ease of use: “twist-to-lock” cartridge seating mechanism that provides a positive seal.


  • High loading capacity for long life and lower cost filtration,
  • Compatible in applications requiring direct food contact in food and beverage processing,
  • Reproducible effluent quality through the filter’s life.
  • Series 700 Sanitary Quick Change Systems : with Built-in Valve Head


  • Provide consistent beverage quality, and help to ensure seamless beverage service,
  • Grade density, compressed carbon block,
  • The 700 housing is durable and shutter-resistant, minimizing the potential of leaks.


  • Help protection of beverage equipment,
  • Does not require activation,
  • Chlorine taste and Odor reduction,
  • Built-in scale inhibition,
  • Enhances beverages quality over the life of the filter.

Types of series 700:

General Purpose:

  • CS- 711
  • CS-771
  • CS-761 -->Problem water

Depth Filters

BetaPure NT-TE Filter Cartridges / Capsules

BetaPure NT-P Filter Cartridges replaces Polynet PB-series

BetaPure AU Cartridges / Capsules replaces BetaPure-series

BetaPure BK-Z8 Cartridges replaces Beta-Klean Z8-series

BetaPure BK-Z2 Absolute Filter Cartridges replaces Beta-Klean Z2-series

BetaPure PK Filter Cartridges replaces BetaPure PK-series

BetaPure CMP Filter Cartridges replaces Optima CMP-series

CTG-Klean Systems replaces CTG-Klean filter packs

Mikro-klean CS Cartridges replaces MPF II series

Mikro-Klean D Filter Cartridges replaces Micro-Wynd II-series

Mikro-Klean RB Filter Cartridges replaces Micro-Klean III-series

Mikro-Klean RC Filter Cartridges replaces Poly-Klean CSW-series

Mikro-Klean RT Filter Cartridges replaces Poly-Klean-series

Mikro-Klean RP Filter Cartridges

Mikro-Klean RW Filter Cartridges replaces Poly-Klean RW-series

Membrane Filters

LifeASSURE BA Membrane Filter replaces BevASSURE II-series

LifeASSURE BDA Membrane Filter replaces BevASSURE PES-series

LifeASSURE BLA Membrane Filter Cartridges replaces LifeASSURE-series

LifeASSURE BNA 020 Membrane Filter Cartridge replaces BevASSURE PES-series

LifeASSURE BNA 045 & 065 Membrane Filter Cartridge replaces BevASSURE PES-series

LifeASSURE EF Membrane Filter Cartridges replaces Electropor II-series

LifeASSURE ER Membrane Filter Cartridges

LifeASSURE EMC Membrane Filter Cartridges

LifeASSURE IMC Membrane Filter Cartridges

LifeASSURE MFE Membrane Filter Cartridges replaces Microfluor E-series

LifeASSURE PDA Filter Cartridges / Capsules

LifeASSURE PFS Filter Cartridges / Capsules replaces Microfluor II-series

LifeASSURE PLA Filter Cartridges / Capsules

LifeASSURE PNA Filter Cartridges

LifeASSURE PSA Filter Cartridges / Capsules replaces SterASSURE-series

LifeASSURE PSN Filter Cartridges / Capsules replaces PhotoShield-series

LifeASSURE SA 020 Membrane Filter Cartridges replaces Zetapor SA-series

LifeASSURE SP 020 Filter Cartridges / Capsules replaces Zetapor SP-series

LifeASSURE SP 045 Membrane Filter Cartridges replaces Zetapor SP-series

LifeASSURE ST 020 Absolute Filter Cartridges replaces Zetapor ST-series

Non Membrane Filters

BetaFine T Filter Cartridges replaces TSM-series

BetaFine XL Filter Cartridges

BetaFine PEG Pleated Filter Cartridges replaces Polypro XL-series

BetaFine PBG Pleated Filter Cartridges replaces Polypro XL-series

BetaPure CMP Filter Cartridges

Betafine DP Series

BetaFine PPG Filter Cartridges / Capsules replaces Polypro XL-series

Non Membrane Pleated Filters

3M 740B Filter Cartridges

3M 740B30 Filter Cartridges

Lenticular Filters

Zeta Plus Encapsulated Filter System

Zeta Plus A Filter Cartridges / Capsules

Zeta Plus BC Filter Series replaces Zeta Plus Biocap

Zeta Plus CA, LA and SA Filter Cartridges

Zeta Plus C, CP, S and SP Filter Cartridges

Zeta Plus DEL Filter Cartridges replaces Zeta Plus Delipid-series

Zeta Plus EC Filter Cartridges

Zeta Plus HB Filter Sheets

Zeta Plus HT Filter Cartridges

Zeta Plus MHT Filter Cartridges replaces Zeta Plus Maximizer H-series

Zeta Plus 1MDS Filter Discs & Cartridges replaces Zeta Plus Virosorb 1MDS-series

Zeta Plus LP Filter Cartridges

Zeta Plus EXT SP Filter Cartridges replaces Zeta Plus Maximizer EXT SP-series

Zeta Plus EXT ZA Filter Cartridge

Zeta Plus U & UW Filter Cartridges

Zeta Plus U2 & UW2 Filter Cartridges

Zeta Plus VR Filter Cartridges

Zeta Plus ZA Filter Series

Zeta Carbon Filter Cartridges

Disposable Encapsulated Cartridges

Zeta Plus Encapsulated Filter System

Bag Filters

3M NB Filter Bags replaces Series NB Filter Bags

3M Series 100 Filter Bags replaces 100 series Filters

3M Series 500 Filter Bags replaces 500 series Filters

3M Series 740 Filter Bags replaces 740 series Filters

3M series 740KF Filter Cartridge

3M DF Series Filter System

Metal Filters

Cuno Metal Screen Filters replaces Micro-Screen series

Filter Sheets

Zeta Plus HB Filter Sheets

HN Filter Sheets

Filter Housings

3M Housings CH Series for Cartridge Filters

3M Housings Brass CT Series for Cartridge Filters

3M Housings CT Series for Cartridge Filters

3M Housings DS Series for Cartridge Filters

3M Housings HC Series for 700 Series Filter Elements

3M Housings HF Series for Cartridge Filters

3M Housings IP Series for Cartridge Filters

3M Housings IP 8" Series for Cartridge Filters

3M Housings IW Series for Cartridge Filters

3M Housings ME Series for Single Cartridge Filters

3M Housings ME Series for Multiple Cartridge Filters

Cuno CTG-klean System Filters replaces CTG-klean filter Packs

Residental Filtration

3M AP902/903 Filter System

3M Filter System RO SQC-4

Aqua-Pure AP11T/101T/102T/141T House Water Filters

Aqua-Pure AP802 / AP802-1.5-C House Water Filters

Aqua-Pure AP110 / AP124 House Water Filters







Micron Rating









Y = 1?m


Cellulose fibre

DOE Length Module

“ ”=no gasket


78=9 ¾”

A =3 ?m


Melamine resin

“ “ =9 ¾”o 10”

NG=with flat

Polyethylene Gasket

80= 10”

B = 5 ?m

2=19 1/2” o 20”

C = 10 ?m

3=29 ¼” o 30”

F = 25 ?m

4 = 39” o 40”

o-ring material


L =50 ?m

3 =

A= silicone

10 = 10”

Q = 75 ?m

Cellulose fibre

SOE end cap

B =Fluorcarbon

20 = 20”

V = 100 ?m



30 = 30”

W = 125 ?m

Phenolic resin

B = Code 7 Pall


40 =40”

X = 150 ?m

(226 o-ring)

K = PTFE encapsulated viton

C =Code 8 Pall(222 o-ring)

X=PTFE encapsulated silicone

8 =

acrylic fibre

F = Code 3 Pall


(222 o-ring)

Phenollic resin

R=Spring on top version

N=no gasket

G=with flat Polyethylene Gasket

Cuno Chemical-Compatability-Guide-Filters

Overview Cuno MicroKlean D

Overview Cuno MicroKlean G

Overview Cuno MicroKlean RT

Overview Cuno MicroKlean RB

Overview Cuno MicroKlean RB High Temp

Overview Cuno MicroKlean RC

Overview Cuno MicroKlean RW

Overview Cuno MicroKlean CS

Overview Cuno MicroKlean III

Overview Cuno MicroKlean III High Temp

Overview Cuno BetaFine DP

Overview Cuno BetaFine PBG

Overview Cuno BetaFine PBP

Overview Cuno BetaFine PEG

Overview Cuno BetaFine PPG

Overview Cuno BetaFine PPG Capsule

Overview Cuno BetaFine PTG

Overview Cuno BetaFine T

Overview Cuno BetaFine XL

Overview Cuno BK-Z2 & BK-Z8

Overview Cuno Betapure AU Polyolefin

Overview Cuno Betapure AU Polyester

Overview Cuno Betapure AU Z Grade

Overview Cuno Betapure AU Capsule

Overview Cuno Betapure BK-Z8

Overview Cuno Betapure BK-Z2

Overview Cuno Betapure CMP

Overview Cuno Betapure CMP Capsule

Overview Cuno Betapure NT-T

Overview Cuno Betapure NT-T-Capsule

Overview Cuno Betapure NT-TE

Overview Cuno Betapure NT-P

Overview Cuno Betapure NT-P-Capsule

Overview Cuno Betapure PG

Overview Cuno Betapure PR

Overview Cuno Betapure PT

Overview Cuno Betapure PK

Overview 3M LifeASSURE BA

Overview 3M LifeASSURE BDA

Overview 3M LifeASSURE BLA

Overview 3M LifeASSURE BNA 020

Overview 3M LifeASSURE BNA 045/065

Overview 3M LifeASSURE EF

Overview 3M LifeASSURE ER

Overview 3M LifeASSURE EMC

Overview 3M LifeASSURE IMC

Overview 3M LifeASSURE MFE

Overview 3M LifeASSURE PDA

Overview 3M LifeASSURE PDA Capsule

Overview 3M LifeASSURE PFS

Overview 3M LifeASSURE PFS Capsule

Overview 3M LifeASSURE PLA

Overview 3M LifeASSURE PLA Capsule

Overview 3M LifeASSURE PNA

Overview 3M LifeASSURE PSA

Overview 3M LifeASSURE PSA Capsule

Overview 3M LifeASSURE PSN

Overview 3M LifeASSURE PSN Capsule

Overview 3M LifeASSURE SA 020

Overview 3M LifeASSURE SP 020

Overview 3M LifeASSURE SP 045

Overview 3M LifeASSURE ST 020

Overview 3M Cuno Metal Screen

Overview 3M 740B

Overview 3M 740B 30

Overview CTG Systems

Overview 3M DF

Overview 3M NB

Overview 3M Series 100

Overview 3M Series 500

Overview 3M Series 740 B

Overview 3M Series 740 KF

Overview 3M Series 8000

Overview 3M Zeta Plus A

Overview 3M Zeta Plus BC

Overview 3M Zeta Plus CA-LA-SA

Overview 3M Zeta Plus CP-SP

Overview 3M Zeta Plus DEL

Overview 3M Zeta Plus EC

Overview 3M Zeta Plus HB

Overview 3M Zeta Plus HT

Overview 3M Zeta Plus MHT

Overview 3M Zeta Plus 1MDS

Overview 3M Zeta Plus LP

Overview 3M Zeta Plus EXT SP

Overview 3M Zeta Plus EXT ZA

Overview 3M Zeta Plus U-UW

Overview 3M Zeta Plus U2-UW2

Overview 3M Zeta Plus VR

Overview 3M Zeta Plus ZA

Overview 3M ZetaCarbon

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