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LewaBrane membranes

The Lewabrane RO membrane elements family consists of spiral-wound, thin-film composite membrane elements designed specifically for water treatment applications. The RO membrane chemistry and element construction is designed to provide optimized, low-cost operation for downstream unit applications, like separate-bed or mixed-bed ion exchange units.

Most important applications for industrial water treatment are:

  • Seawater desalination
  • Production of boiler feed water in power stations
  • Demineralization and particle removal in microchip manufacture
  • Water desalination for light industry (car wash, laundries, and marine application)
  • Wastewater treatment, including post membrane bioreactor (MBR) application
  • Groundwater remediation and recharge

Lewabrane RO products are produced in a modern, fully automated, state-of-the-art production facility in  Bitterfeld (Germany). The chemistry approach for our RO membrane places the emphasis on higher cross-linking of the polyamide layer and, therefore, higher durability to cleaning chemicals, more stable rejection of mixed ion salt solutions and lower surface charge on the membrane to reduce the fouling tendency.

Lewabrane® benefits:

  • Low salt passage, typically > 99,7% at standard conditions in brackish water
  • High flow productivity
  • Improved barrier layer chemistry (lower charge and higher cross-linkage) providing lower membrane fouling rates
  • More stable salt rejection during operating lifetime (as the rejection mechanism is based more on solution diffusion than ionic repulsion)
    Improved organic compound rejection
  • More durable to allow less frequent, more aggressive cleaning

Highr Rejection (HR)

LewaBrane RO B370 HR
LewaBrane RO B400 HR
LewaBrane RO B440 HR

High Flow (HF)

LewaBrane RO B085 HF 4040
LewaBrane RO B090 HF 4040
LewaBrane RO B370 HF
LewaBrane RO B400 HF

Fouling Resistant (FR)

LewaBrane RO B085 FR 4040

LewaBrane RO B090 FR 4040
LewaBrane RO B370 FR
LewaBrane RO B400 FR

Low Energy (LE)

LewaBrane RO B085 LE 4040
LewaBrane RO B090 LE 4040
LewaBrane RO B400 LE
LewaBrane RO B440 LE

High Pressure (HR)

LewaBrane RO S085 HR 4040
LewaBrane RO S400 HR
LewaBrane RO S440 HR

Overview LewaBrane membranes

Lenntech can also help you with similar brackish or seawater filters or filtration systems for optimum water purification.

For RO design questions and engineering calculations and manuals or handbooks please contact us at info@lenntech.com.

Lenntech also supplies the reverse osmosis membranes from Knappe Composites, Dow Filmtec, Koch, Trisep, Phoenix, Ropur, Codeline, GE-Osmonics & Hydranautics,  Toray.

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