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Ozone destructor

Ozone destruction and ozone monitoring for safe ozone concentration on work places near ozone applications

Ozone destruction is the main goal of an ozone destructor. Although the application of ozone is one of the most environmentally friendly ways of disinfection and oxidation, it is crucial to destruct any excess or residual ozone in a safe way.

At this moment the US OSHA requires that the indoor "threshold limit value" (TLV) of an eight hour exposure be limited to 0,1 part per million (0,1 ppm). Worldwide tightening of ozone emissions will intensify within the next several years, forcing many operations to install control systems to destroy off-gas ozone to meet the new standards.

ozon destructor

Ozone generators

Ozone monitoring

Ozone can be thermally destroyed (reduced to oxygen) but also catalytically.

The catalytic destruction of ozone is the most used process, because it is easy to install on new and existing ozone generating systems and it is cost effective. Caution must be taken with the design and dimensions of the destructor to make sure the pressure drop and temperature rise is not too much.

Also, the used materials must be ozone resistant and the catalyst must be easy replacable.

Active carbon can also be used to decompose ozone. However active carbon is consumed in the process and the use is limited to applications where the ozone concentration is relatively low. It is critical to note that a fire can start in activated carbon in higher ozone concentration applications or where ozone is generated from a concentrated oxygen source.

Lenntech brings up the best solution for ozone destruction per ozone installation.

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