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Dowex Ion exchange resins

Weak Acid Cation exchange:

Dowex MAC - 3 Replacing Amberlite IRC 76
Dowex MAC - 3 XP
Dowex MAC - 3 PS

Strong Acid Cation exchange:

Dowex HCR-S/S
Dowex HCR-S/S FF
Dowex HCR-W2
Dowex Marathon C 10 Replacing Dowex HGR-W2 (Na & H)
Amberlite IR122 Na
Dowex Monosphere C 350
Dowex Monosphere C 400
Dowex Marathon C Replacing Dowex HCR-W2 (Na & H) and
Amberjet 1200
Dowex Marathon MSC

Weak Basic Anion exchange:

Dowex Marathon WBA
Dowex Marathon WBA - 2
Dowex MWA-1
Dowex NSR-1

Strong Base Anion exchange:

Dowex Marathon A
Dowex Marathon A LB
Dowex Marathon A2
Dowex Marathon MSA Replacing Dowex MSA - 1 C
Dowex Marathon 11
Dowex Marathon MSA -
Dowex NSR-1

Inert Resin:

Dowex IF - 59 Replacing Amberlite RF-14

Mixed Bed Resin:

Dowex Marathon MR - 3 Replacing Amberlite MB150
Dowex MB 50
Dowex HCR-S
Dowex Monosphere 750 C Replaced by Monosphere 650C (H)

Condensate Polishing:

Dowex Monosphere 650 C Replacing Dowex Monosphere 750 C
Dowex Monosphere 550 A Replacing Dowex Monosphere 700A
Dowex Monosphere 600 BB
Dowex Monosphere 650 HXC H Replaced by Amberjet 1600 (H)
Dowex Monosphere 750 C
Dowex MSA - 1 C
Dowex Marathon C 10 Replacing Dowex HCR-W2
Dowex HGR-W2 Na & H Replaced by Dowex Marathon C 10 (Na & H)
Dowex MSC-1 C (H) Replaced by Amberjet 2000 (H)
Dowex MSC-1 C (Cl) Replaced by Amberjet 9000 (OH)
Dowex Monosphere MP525C (H) Replaced by Amberjet 2000 (H)


Dowex Marathon C Replacing Amberjet 1200
Dowex Marathon C 10 Replacing Amberjet IR122 Na
Dowex Marathon MSA Replacing Dowex MSA - 1 C
Dowex HCR - S Replacing Dowex HCR-S-D
Dowex Monosphere 600BB Replacing Ambersep 349 or 359
Dowex MAC - 3 Replacing Amberlite IRC 76
Dowex IF-59 Replaced by Amberlite RF-14
Dowex MWA-1 Replaced by Amberlite IRA96
Dowex MSA-1C Replaced by Dowex-Marathon-MSA
Dowex HCR-S D (H) Replaced by Dowex HCR-S (H)

UPCORE System:

Dowex UPCORE C 600
Dowec UPCORE A 500
Dowex UPCORE A 625
Dowex UPCORE MA 600
Dowex UPCORE A2 - 500
Dowex UPCORE WB - 500
Dowex UPCORE MAC - 3
Cowex UPCORE IF - 62

Pure Water:

Dowex NSR-1 Replaced by Amberlite PWA5

Ultrapure Water:

Dowex Monosphere 650C UPW Replacing Amberlite UP252
Dowex Monosphere 550A UPW Replacing Amberlite UP900
Dowex Monosphere 575 LC NG
Dowex Monosphere MR - 3 UPW Replacing Dowex MR-3 LC NG mixed
Dowex Monosphere MR 450 UPW
Dowex PSR-2 Replacing Amberlite PWA2
Dowex Monosphere MR-575 LC NG Replaced by Monosphere MR-3 UPW
Dowex Monosphere 575c UPW H Replaced by Amberjet UP1400

Nuclear Application:

Dowex Monosphere 575 LC NG
Dowex Monosphere 575 C NG Replaced by Amberjet IRN99
Dowex Monosphere 650 C NG Replaced by Amberjet IRN97
Dowex Monosphere 550A LC NG OH Replaced by Amberlite IRN78
Dowex Monosphere 575 C NG
Dowex HCR-S NG Replaced by Amberlite IRN77
Dowex HGR NG
Dowex C 75 NG Replaced by Amberlite IRN9652
Dowex SBR LC NG Replaced by Dowex 1 LC NG (OH)
Dowex MR 3 LC NG Replaced by Dowex Monosphere MR-3 UPW
Dowex MR 5 LC NG Replaced by Amberlitwe IRN217
Dowex MR 72 LC NG
Dowex 1 LC NG Replacing Dowex SBR LC NG
Dowex 700A (Cl & OH) Replaced by Dowex Monosphere 550 A Dowex Monosphere 650HXC NG H Replaced by Amberlite IRN99

Sugar Application:

Dowex 88
Dowex 88 MB
Dowex Monosphere 88 MB
Dowex Monosphere C 600 B
Dowex 66
Dowex Monosphere 66
Dowex 22
Dowex Optipore SD 2
Dowex Optipore L493
Dowex N 406

Catalyse & Chem. Processes:

Dowex G 26
Dowex M 31
Dowex Monosphere M 31
Dowex Optipore L 323
Dowex DR 2030


Dowex M 4195
Dowex 21 K 16-20
Dowex 21 K XLT

Monoshere = Monosphere

For advice or questions or extra information regarding ion exchange resins and applications please contact Lenntech.
Also for water analysis or Ion exchange systems.

Dowex Resin can be used in the following water treatment systems:

Softening, to soften the feed water to meet requirements for boiler feed water e.g.

Prodcution of Demiwater, Ultra pure water or deminerialized water.

Ion-specific treatment.

Ask Lenntech for more details.

Dowex-Ion-Exchange-resins-Uniform-Particle-Size-Resins-for-Demineralisation selection chart

Dowex Resin

Fine Mesh Resin - Strong Acid:

Dowex 50 WX2 20-50
Dowex 50 WX2 50-100
Dowex 50 WX2 100-200
Dowex 50 WX2 200-400
Dowex 50 WX4 20-50
Dowex 50 WX4 50-100
Dowex 50 WX4 100-200
Dowex 50 WX4 200-400
Dowex 50 WX8 20-50
Dowex 50 WX8 50-100
Dowex 50 WX8 100-200
Dowex 50 WX8 200-400

Fine Mesh Resin - Strong Basic:

Dowex 1x2 50-100
Dowex 1x2 100-200
Dowex 1x2 200-400
Dowex 1x4 50-100
Dowex 1x4 100-200
Dowex 1x4 200-400
Dowex 1x8 50-100
Dowex 1x8 100-200
Dowex 1x8 200-400
Dowex 2x8 100-200
Dowex 2x8 200-400

Optipore (oil) adsorbents

Dowex Optipore V493
Dowex Optipore V502
XUS 43565.01
Dowex Optipore V323

Dow Amberlyst Cataloque

Wet Catalyst

Amberlyst 31WET
Amberlyst 33
Amberlyst 131WET
Amberlyst 123 (new)
Amberlyst 125 (new)
Amberlyst BD20
Amberlyst 15WET
Amberlyst 35WET
Amberlyst 16WET
Amberlyst 36WET

Dry Catalyst

Amberlyst 15DRY
Amberlyst 35DRY
Amberlyst 36DRY

Special Grades

Amberlyst 39WET
Amberlyst CH10 / Amberlyst CH28
Amberlyst 46
Amberlyst 45
Amberlyst 70

Base Catalysts (Limited Applications)

Amberlyst A21
Amberlyst A21DRY
Amberlyst A26OH

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