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Danfoss lakierki

iSave ERDs are the simplest way for SWRO plant operators to save on the biggest item on their total cost of ownership: energy. Our three-in-one design integrates an effective isobaric pressure exchanger, booster pump and motor – all in one small footprint – to recycle pressure, flow and reinvigorate your bottom line.

Our compact, integrated design makes it simpler than ever to configure big savings in both stand-alone and parallel trains – even in containerized solutions. So no matter what flow rate your modular RO plant will produce, iSave ERDs start cutting your energy costs from the very first day.

High Pressure Pumps

Pumps for Ultra Pure Water

PAHT 2-6.3
PAHT 10-12.5
PAHT 20-32
PAHT 50-90
PAHT 256-308
PAHT G 2-6.3
PAHT G 10-12.5
PAHT G 20-32
PAHT G 50-90
PAHT G 256-308

Pumps for Reverse Osmose

APP 0.6-1.0
APP 1.5-3.5
APP 5.1-10.2
APP 11-13
APP 16-22
APP 21-38
APP 21-43
APP 53-78 Preliminary

Pumps for Tap Water

PAH 2-6.3
PAH 10-12.5
PAH 20-32
PAH 50-100

Pumps for Fire, Tap Water


iSave Energy Recovery Device

iSave 21-40
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