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Hayward Duragaf bagfilter * Extended life filter bags

- Duragaf Filter bags*

Bag Nomenclature Chart

Nomenclature: POXL-50-PO1E-30L

Product code:

Bag Material
Micron rating (µm) Bag Cover Bag size Collar Quantity Box size
POXL= Polypropylene 1 (food grade) P= Plain 01= ø 18cm, 43cm length E= Polypropylene SENTINEL Ring, Welded (POXL/POXLF) No. of bags/box L- Large
PEXL= Polyester 5 (food grade)
02= ø 18cm, 81cm length H= Hytrel SENTINEL Ring, Welded (PEXL)

POXLF=Polypropylene 10 (food grade)

Z=WW Santoprene SENTINEL Ring, Welded (PEXLF)

PEXLF=Polyester 25



Lenntech can also help you with similar filters or filtration systems for optimum water purification.

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* HAYWARD Filterbags, LOEFFLER filtration and GAF Filter are registered trademarks of HAYWARD Filtration.
ACCUGAF, PROGAF and LOFCLEAR are registered brandnames of HAYWARD Filtration

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