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Model Name Part Number
Amberjet 1000 HAmberjet 1000 H
Amberjet 1000 NAAmberjet 1000 NA
Amberjet 1200 HAmberjet 1200 H
Amberjet 1200 NAAmberjet 1200 NA
Amberjet 1300 HAmberjet 1300 H
Amberjet 1300 NAAmberjet 1300 NA
Amberjet 1600 HAmberjet 1600 H
Amberjet 200C NaAmberjet 200C Na
Amberjet 252 NaAmberjet 252 Na
Amberjet 4200 ClAmberjet 4200 Cl
Amberjet 4400 ClAmberjet 4400 Cl
Amberjet 4500 OHAmberjet 4500 OH
Amberjet 4600 ClAmberjet 4600 Cl
Amberjet 9000 OHAmberjet 9000 OH
Amberjet UP1400Amberjet UP1400
Amberjet UP4000Amberjet UP4000
Amberjet UP6040Amberjet UP6040 H
Amberjet UP6040Amberjet UP6040 OH
Amberjet UP6150Amberjet UP6150
Amberlite FPA 53Amberlite FPA 53
Amberlite FPA 90Amberlite FPA 90
Amberlite FPA 98Amberlite FPA 98
Amberlite FPC22-HAmberlite FPC22-H
Amberlite FPC23-HAmberlite FPC23-H
Amberlite FPX66Amberlite FPX66
Amberlite IR100Amberlite IR100
Amberlite IR120 HAmberlite IR120 H
Amberlite IR120 NaAmberlite IR120 Na
Amberlite IR122Amberlite IR122
Amberlite IR122 NaAmberlite IR122 Na
Amberlite IRA120Amberlite IRA120
Amberlite IRA402Amberlite IRA402
Amberlite IRA402 ClAmberlite IRA402 Cl
Amberlite IRA402 OHAmberlite IRA402 OH
Amberlite IRA404 ClAmberlite IRA404 Cl
Amberlite IRA405 ClAmberlite IRA405 Cl
Amberlite IRA410 ClAmberlite IRA410 Cl
Amberlite IRA458 RF ClAmberlite IRA458 RF Cl
Amberlite IRA478 RF ClAmberlite IRA478 RF Cl
Amberlite IRA67Amberlite IRA67
Amberlite IRA67 RFAmberlite IRA67 RF
Amberlite IRA743Amberlite IRA 743
Amberlite IRA747Amberlite IRA 747
Amberlite IRA900 ClAmberlite IRA900 Cl
Amberlite IRA900 RF ClAmberlite IRA900 RF Cl
Amberlite IRA910 ClAmberlite IRA910 Cl
Amberlite IRA92Amberlite IRA92
Amberlite IRA92 RFAmberlite IRA92 RF
Amberlite IRA958 RF ClAmberlite IRA958 RF Cl
Amberlite IRA96Amberlite IRA96
Amberlite IRA96 RFAmberlite IRA96 RF
Amberlite IRA96 SBAmberlite IRA96 SB
Amberlite IRC747Amberlite IRC747
Amberlite IRC748Amberlite IRC748
Amberlite IRC76Amberlite IRC76
Amberlite IRC86Amberlite IRC86
Amberlite IRC86 RFAmberlite IRC86 RF
Amberlite IRC86 SBAmberlite IRC86 SB
Amberlite IRN 150Amberlite IRN 150
Amberlite IRN 160 cationAmberlite IRN 160
Amberlite IRN 217Amberlite IRN 217
Amberlite IRN 77Amberlite IRN 77
Amberlite IRN 78Amberlite IRN 78
Amberlite IRN 9652Amberlite IRN 9652
Amberlite IRN 97Amberlite IRN 97
Amberlite IRN 9882Amberlite IRN 9882
Amberlite IRN 99Amberlite IRN 99
Amberlite IRN217Amberlite IRN217
Amberlite IRN9766Amberlite IRN9766
Amberlite MB150Amberlite MB150
Amberlite MB20Amberlite MB20
Amberlite MB6113Amberlite MB6113
Amberlite MB9LAmberlite MB9L
Amberlite PWA10Amberlite PWA10
Amberlite PWA12Amberlite PWA12
Amberlite PWA15Amberlite PWA15
Amberlite PWA2Amberlite PWA2
Amberlite PWA5Amberlite PWA5
Amberlite PWA6Amberlite PWA6
Amberlite PWA7Amberlite PWA7
Amberlite PWA8Amberlite PWA8
Amberlite PWA9Amberlite PWA9
Amberlite PWC14Amberlite PWC14
Amberlite RFI4Amberlite RFI4
Amberlite SR1L NaAmberlite SR1L Na
Amberlite UP252Amberlite UP252
Amberlite UP900Amberlite UP900
Amberlite XAAD4Amberlite XAAD4
Amberlyst 15WETAmberlyst 15WET
Ambersep 252 HAmbersep 252 H
Ambersep 349Ambersep 349
Ambersep 359Ambersep 359
Ambersep 900 OHAmbersep 900 OH
Ambersep 900 SO4Ambersep 900 SO4
Ambersep GT74Ambersep GT74
IMAC HP1110 NaIMAC HP1110 Na
IRN 150IRN 150
IRN 217IRN 217
IRN 77IRN 77
IRN 78IRN 78
IRN 9652IRN 9652
IRN 97IRN 97
IRN 9882IRN 9882
IRN 99IRN 99

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