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Model Name Part Number
LC-10-A-10 (60M)F5880527
LC-10-A-125 (60M)F5880528
LC-10-A-150 (60M)F5881215
LC-10-A-2 (60M)F5881216
LC-10-A-25 (60M)F5881217
LC-10-A-5 (60M)F5880529
LC-10-A-50 (60M)F5880530
LC-10-A-75 (60M)F5880531
LC-19-A-10 (30M)F5880532
LC-19-A-125 (30M)F5880533
LC-19-A-150 (30M)F5881218
LC-19-A-2 (30M)F5881219
LC-19-A-25 (30M)F5880534
LC-19-A-5 (30M)F5880535
LC-19-A-50 (30M)F5880536
LC-19-A-75 (30M)F5880537
LC-20-A-10 (30M)F5880538
LC-20-A-125 (30M)F5880539
LC-20-A-150 (30M)F5880540
LC-20-A-2 (30M)F5880541
LC-20-A-25 (30M)F5880542
LC-20-A-5 (30M)F5880543
LC-20-A-50 (30M)F5880544
LC-20-A-75 (30M)F5880545
LC-29-A-10 (30L)F5880546
LC-29-A-125 (30L)F5880547
LC-29-A-150 (30L)F5881220
LC-29-A-2 (30L)F5880548
LC-29-A-25 (30L)F5880549
LC-29-A-5 (30L)F5880550
LC-29-A-50 (30L)F5880551
LC-29-A-75 (30L)F5880552
LC-30-A-10 (30L)F5880554
LC-30-A-125 (30L)F5880555
LC-30-A-150 (30L)F5880556
LC-30-A-2 (30L)F5880557
LC-30-A-25 (30L)F5880558
LC-30-A-5 (30L)F5880559
LC-30-A-50 (30L)F5880560
LC-30-A-75 (30L)F5880561
LC-39-A-10 (15L)F5881221
LC-39-A-125 (15L)F5881222
LC-39-A-150 (15L)F5881223
LC-39-A-2 (15L)F5881224
LC-39-A-25 (15L)F5881225
LC-39-A-5 (15L)F5880563
LC-39-A-50 (15L)F5881226
LC-39-A-75 (15L)F5880564
LC-40-A-10 (15L)F5880565
LC-40-A-125 (15L)F5880566
LC-40-A-150 (15L)F5881227
LC-40-A-2 (15L)F5880567
LC-40-A-25 (15L)F5880568
LC-40-A-5 (15L)F5880569
LC-40-A-50 (15L)F5880570
LC-40-A-75 (15L)F5880571
LC-9-A-10 (60M)F5880574
LC-9-A-125 (60M)F5880575
LC-9-A-150 (60M)F5880576
LC-9-A-2 (60M)F5880577
LC-9-A-25 (60M)F5880578
LC-9-A-5 (60M)F5880579
LC-9-A-50 (60M)F5880580
LC-9-A-75 (60M)F5880581

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