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Bel Pressure Vessels

BEL group operates in three states of the art productions facilities, combining the resources necessary for design, development and manufacture of advanced composite products from cutting-edge technologies for the chemical and food industries, waste water treatment and water supply.


4" Pressure Vessels

BEL4 E 300 1M 2M 0

BEL4 E 300 3M 6M 0

BEL4 E 450 1M 2M 0

BEL4 E 450 3M 6M 0

BEL4 S 300 1M 6M 0

BEL4 S 450 1M 6M 0

BEL4 S 1000 1M 6M 0

BEL4 S 1200 1M 6M 0

8"Pressure Vessels

Bel 8 General Drawing

Bel 8 S LPC


BEL8-E-300-1M-8M 0

BEL8-E-450-1M-8M 0

BEL8-E-600-1M-8M 0

BEL8-E-1000-1M-8M 0

BEL8-E-1200-1M-8M 0








9"Pressure Vessels


ORL 4" Pressure Vessels

Bel ORL 4 E 300/450

Bel ORL 4 S 300/450

Bel ORL 4 E 600 1M-6M-0

Bel ORL 4 E 1000 1M-6M-0

Bel ORL 4 E 1200 1M-6M-0

Technical information / Tools

Technical manual

Puller - Pusher

Comparing details to others

Overview Bel Vessels

Lenntech can also help you with similar brackish or seawater filters or filtration systems for optimum water purification.

For RO design questions and engineering calculations and manuals or handbooks please contact us at info@lenntech.com. Lenntech also supplies the reverse osmosis membranes from Knappe Composites, Hydranautics, GE-Osmonics, Trisep, Phoenix, Ropur, Codeline, Knappe, Protec, Toray & Koch. Lenntech the water purification manufacturer.

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