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Arsenic removal

Arsenic removal

The WHO (World Health Organization) advices a maximum concentration of 10 ppb. Although arsenic may be found in surface water, groundwater is the main source of arsenic in water. Consequently, concentrations above 10 ppb may be found naturally in groundwater.

In groundwater arsenic exists as water-insoluble inorganic arsenic As-V anions or As-III molecules.
In Bangladesh groundwater concentrations of arsenic may exceeds 100 ppb on some locations.

Arsenic can be removed from water by means of adsorptive media ADSORBSIA® (Dow patent).

Adsorbsia is a Titanium-based media, selective for Arsenic removal. Based on your water analysis (arsenic, pH, ..) Lenntech can design and size the plant to meet the WHO guidelines.

Lenntech can provide you with small and handy arsenic test-kits to test your water.

Check our Arsenic filter product sheet


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